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15 May 2018

At the strategic cooperation conference held by Hosa and Alisports in Beijing Hotel on 8 May, Beijing time, Mr. Shi Hongliu, chairman of Hosa, and Zhang Dazhong, founder/CEO of Alisports jointly announced that the two parties would launch comprehensive and deep strategic cooperation across the country in respect to online and offline integration in many segments including apparel and accessories, sports services and big data. The two parties will create an innovative model for the whole industrial chain of sports services.

In terms of the sharing of sports data, Hosa has the member management system and member consumption data of nearly 1,000 apparel and accessories stores and the motion data of members of over 160 health clubs, while based on platforms of Alibaba such as Alipay, Alisports has the online service products of “sports accounts”, which can turn user’s step number into the “calorie coins” of Alipay, then deposit to “sports bank” and exchange or buy products related to Hosa sports in discount, thereby activating the value of user data.

On a basis of “Great Fitness” strategy, Hosa carries out “Bringing Fitness on Taobao”, which is one of the key links of the strategy. After the cooperation, in addition to the sales of fitness classes and fitness cards on its Taobao stores, Hosa and Alisports will jointly develop courses and sports products that meet the international standards in training field, and promote it in Hosa’s appaul and accessories and fitness stores across the country, so as to improve user experience and their cognition on sports products.

In terms of the cooperation in new retail, the online platforms of Alisports will give full support to the e-commerce of Hosa, while the offline apparel and accessories stores and fitness clubs of Hosa will also become the offline scenes of Alisports to promote its new retail in sports. The online users of Alisports can enjoy the offline experience services of Hosa, while Hosa’s flow through the online sales channels will be expanded. The deep cooperation between the two parties will better realize the online and offline integration.

Based on its influence in water sports, Hosa has had a series of close cooperation with FINA, Chinese Swimming Association and local swimming associations and also has been title sponsor of many events in recent years. Combining with Alisports’ marketing experiences in various types of events, professional capabilities and platform communication strength, the two parties will have a deep cooperation in the marketing and execution of various types of events, which will inevitably play a significant role in the brand improvement of sports and health products of Hosa.

Hosa has independently developed a package of solutions of “National Fitness Management” and has been organizing and carrying out the project in fitness clubs, communities and primary and secondary schools. In the future, the two parties will jointly push the execution and promotion of the project. At the same time, the two parties will jointly explore and carry out projects related to smart sports cities.

“The strategic cooperation between Hosa and Alisports is a powerful combination, as Hosa has its special strengths in the offline stores size, sports health products and services and others, and Alisports has strong online resources. Hosa expects to create a new model for cooperation between a traditional entity specializing in sports health and an online enterprise through this deep cooperation,” said Mr. Shi Hongliu, CEO of Hosa, in respect to this cooperation.

 “Hosa is a sports health industry group that spreads a healthy lifestyle of sports, while Alisports is an internet sports company with the mission of making sports easy. We can and should make more achievements in sports health field,” said Zhang Dazhong, founder/CEO of Alisports.

Alisports shows appreciation for the organization capabilities of sports products and offline operation capabilities of Hosa, while the online huge flow resources, technical capabilities, payment channels and operation capabilities of Alisports backed by Alibaba are also admired by Hosa. As the leader of the industry, Hosa’s cooperation with Alisports represents a marriage between entity and internet platform. When the two parties make online and offline integration organically, it is bound to welcome double harvests of brand and economic benefits. The cooperation will also play a demonstration role for the entire sports industry that is worth looking forward to.

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