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10 May 2018

 “Standardization is playing a greater role in economic development and trade activities, and the building of the taskforce is of great significance to the improvement of standard competitiveness of China’s aquatic sport products”, said Kong Linghao, the leader of “Aquatic Sports Taskforce”. “Aquatic Sports Taskforce” is under the Sportswear Committee of the Commission for Standardization of Sports Products (全國體育用品標準化技術委員會運動服裝分會), and Haosha Industry (Fujian) Co., Ltd. is the initiator. The taskforce is responsible for preparation and amendment of standards for the field of aquatic sports, construction of relevant system and work related to such standards, all of which fall within the work scope of the Sportswear Committee. With the inauguration ceremony held in Jinjiang City recently, the taskforce in now under the spotlight.

Xing Zhigui, Deputy General Manager of TTTS and Secretary General of the Knitting Committee (針織標準分會) is awarding the plaque for “Hosa --- Aquatic Sports Taskforce” to Shi Zhixiong, Executive Director of Hosa Group

China is a major producer and consumer of knitted products in the world, and it is also a manufacturing and production base for knitted aquatic sport products around the globe. As market demands are growing, knitted aquatic sport products (such as swimwear and swimming caps) is now evolving to a large scale. In the meantime, more technologies are embedded into these products; safety, hygiene, environment-friendliness and special purpose are becoming highlights of standards and also the key to promoting the industry to develop sustainably as an advantaged industry. Under such backdrop, the market competitiveness of industry “standardization” is so important that it cannot be taken lightly. As a leader of sportswear specialized in “fitness and aquatic sports” and boasting a top ranking with a large scale, Hosa participated in the preparation of dozens of national and industry standards over the recent years, including “Knitted Swimwear” (《針織泳裝》), “Knitted Swimming Caps” (《針織泳帽》) and “Knitted Swimwear Fabrics” (《針織泳裝面料》). With such achievements, Hosa deserves the title of initiator of “Aquatic Sports Taskforce”.


Vic President of China Knitting Industrial Association Zhao Hong, Executive Director of Hosa Group Shi Zhixiong, Deputy Mayor of Jinjiang City Zhuang Tianhuai, Deputy General Manager of TTTS and Secretary General of the Knitting Committee Xing Zhigui, Deputy Director General of Jinjiang Market Regulation Bureau Mr. Xu

In addition to participation in the preparation of national and industry standards, Hosa has been devoted to technology innovation and has been making active investment in research and development in recent years. “So far, Hosa is the owner of 52 authorized patents, including 8 invention patents and 30 utility model patents, and Hosa was accredited as high-tech enterprise as early as in 2013”, said Shi Zhixiong, Executive Director of Hosa, on the inauguration ceremony. “Hosa has Fujian Production Technology Center (福建生產技術中心) and Beijing Research and Design Center (北京研發設計中心), establishes complete quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management systems, and possesses a whole manufacturing industry chain, advanced production facilities and the capability of large-scale production.”

Hosa swimsuits for competition are accredited by FINA

Innovation is the vital force of an enterprise, but such enterprise will go higher and further via repaying the society. Since 2015, Hosa has been cooperating with FINA and has made its presence on the international stage by sponsoring FINA/HOSA World Marathon Swimming Series Competition and FINA Diving World Series. In China, Hosa sponsors a dozen of provincial swimming teams, including Guangdong Hosa Team, Shanghai Hosa Team and Shandong Hosa Team, and offers them professional and standard training equipment and garments. Apart from these, Hosa teams up with local swimming associations and institutions to sponsor (including title sponsorship) about 400 domestic swimming and diving games, including the 13th National Games “Hosa Cup” Youth Swimming Competition and the “Hosa Cup” Swimming Championships 2018.

The Diving Queen shows up in the 2018 FINA Diving World Series (Beijing)


Yan Zibei from Hubei Hosa Team breaks the 50-meter breaststroke Asian record on the National Swimming Championships concluded on 18 April

“We have an advantage in aquatic sports. Through cooperation and sponsorship (including title sponsorship), Hosa consolidates its leading position in China and makes contribution to the development of China’s swimming cause. As a national brand, Hosa moves further on its path of internationalization by cooperating with FINA. With the international platform, we will improve our brand value and international influence, and strive to win honor for China’s national brands in the international stage.” On the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement with FINA in early March this year, Shi Hongliu, Chairman of Hosa Group, stated that acting as a representative of “Made in China” for the sports industry, Hosa has officially set the new goal of “becoming a world-class group in the sport and health industry”, operates fitness clubs in different cities in China, and focuses on the “internet-based, digitizing and intelligent” new retail business.

Hosa and FINA sign the strategic cooperation agreement in March 2018

Devoted to promoting the development of China’s aquatic sports, Hosa records improved brand recognition and reputation year on year and wins a number of honors, including China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands and China National Garment Association Award. In 2017, Hosa swimwear remained the first place among market peers by the biggest market share.

Hosa swimwear ranks atop among peers in terms of market share

We have good reasons to believe that led by the “Aquatic Sports Taskforce”, the market of knitted aquatic sport products in China will witness sustained and sound development, and more enterprises and brands with their own intellectual property will emerge and record outstanding performance in the international market.  












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