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10 May 2018

On 30 March, the 2018 (26th) Press Conference on Statistics about Merchandise Sales in China’s Market (2018(第二十六屆)中國市場商品銷售統計結果新聞發佈會) jointly sponsored by China General Chamber of Commerce and China National Commercial Information Center was convened at the Great Hall of the People. The conference was based on retail big data and themed “New Consumption Era led by Brands”, and leaders of relevant associations, executives of businesses and media representatives made their presence on the conference.  

The conference released the statistics about merchandise sales in China’s market in 2017, which showed that Hosa was honored “2017 Brand Leader of Statistics about Merchandise Sales in China’s Market” (“2017年度中國市場商品銷售統計領先品牌”) and Hosa swimwear ranked first in the market with the biggest market share.

When delivering a speech, Jiang Ming, President of China General Chamber of Commerce, stated that the new era has brought new requirements to the retail industry. Over the four decades since the opening up and reform, China’s consumer market has witnessed great changes, and China is shifting from a country led by investment to the one that is driven by consumption. As a manufacturing power, China has an urgent need for brand upgrade, and it is also imperative for every entrepreneur, brand manufacturer and retail business to build great brands that are comparable to world’s renowned brands. Businesses and branded companies should promote the shift from “Made in China” to “Intelligent Manufacturing in China” by innovation, improving supply-side marginal benefit and product quality. In the new era when it is necessary to help people achieve the better life they aspire to, businesses and branded companies shall improve the information services, thereby making greater contribution to the improvement of brand quality in China, the stimulation of consumption and the realization of better life for people.

Regarding development trends of the retail industry, Wang Yaoti, Vice President of China General Chamber of Commerce and Director of China National Commercial Information Center, put forward five major trends: supply-side marginal benefit of the retail industry to be driven by innovation, acceleration of integration between the internet companies and brick-and-mortar businesses, shift of traditional retail businesses from promoting products to promoting lifestyle, new round of reform in retail infrastructure driven by information technologies, and people’s more requirements for better life to be better met by the retail industry.

As a large group in the sport and health industry, Hosa is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle through doing sports and devotes itself to building a sport and heath ecosystem by professional sport and health products and services. As one of the enterprises that first launch brand swimwear in China, Hosa now operates two major brands: Hosa and Water Cube. Hosa is also one of the enterprises that first introduce the chain operation mode into fitness clubs, operating three brands and over 150 fitness clubs in about 20 cities in China and attracting about a million of club members cumulatively. Over the years, Hosa won Forbes China’s Potential Enterprises and China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands by its strict standards on quality and outstanding performance; Hosa International, engaged in sportswear segment, was listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011.

In response to the new requirements to the industry and the market in a new era, Hosa is actively building the sport and health ecosystem by aligning its strategy with technology advancement and change of consumption habits. It is now working on the application of mobile internet and big data, sticks to the core strategy of “Great Fitness”, offers professional sport and health products and services, consolidates resources with the concept of Internet Plus, and targets such segments as smart and wearable gadgets, gyms, sportswear and sport gears and balanced diet. Hosa Longde Fitness Club, which was launched recently, is a good example for synergetic integration of smart fitness and new retail business, realizing easy purchase of fitness equipment that features “on-site QR code scanning, online order and home delivery” through mobile applications and significantly improving user experience.

In the future, Hosa will promote the new retail business and make deployment for new retail smart services, thereby improving consumer experience. To meet different demands, Hosa will expand its health products and services. It will further develop professional channels and group-buying channels to expand the coverage of products. With the transformation of operating mode and the influence in the market, Hosa strives to realize a deep connection between consumers, sporting scenarios, products and the service providers, to offer a new mode with industry intelligence, chain management and internet-based design, therefore responding to and taking a leading role in the trading up of the sport and health market.

With the recognition by the society, the industry and consumers and the tireless pursuit for improvement of self-value, Hosa Group believes that it will create greater value and returns to the society and consumers, bring the lifestyle of “Enjoy Sports·Enjoy Healthy Life” (“享運動•悅健康”) to more people, and make great contribution to the construction of healthy China!

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