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10 May 2018

The World Consumer Rights Day on March 15th is always under spotlight. The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests explicitly states that protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers is a common responsibility of the whole society. The Report on the Work of the Government 2018 touches upon quality for 23 times and states that “great efforts will be made to promote high-quality development” and that “quality always comes first, and priority will be given to efficiency”.

A few days ago, “quality” became a hot topic as “March 15th” was drawing near. In this year’s World Consumer Rights Day, Hosa products and services were recognized by China Association for Quality Inspection again and honored “National Model Enterprise for Product and Service Quality” (「全國產品和服務品質誠信示範企業」).

It is known that since 2000, China Association for Quality Inspection has been sponsoring the “March 15th” Product and Service Quality Commitment Campaign (「3.15」產品和服務品質誠信承諾主題活動) for 18 years. Providing consumers with reliable quality accreditation and promoting quality improvement in the whole society through the influence of model enterprises for quality and credit, the campaign has now become a “March 15th” brand event that has significant influence and earnestly protects the legitimate rights of consumers. In the activities jointly sponsored by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and China Association for Quality Inspection, Hosa has been granted many honors, which indicates that Hosa quality and strength has been recognized by the society, the industry and consumers.

For enterprises that value product and service quality as a vital force, “March 15th” is the right time for them to review their performance in the previous year, urging enterprises to fulfil their promises about product and service quality, and offering guidance to consumers for selecting high-standard and high-quality products and services. It is by perennial pursuit for high quality that Hosa earns the honor of National Model Enterprise for Product and Service Quality.

As a large group in the sport and health industry, Hosa is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle through doing sports and devotes itself to building a sport and heath ecosystem by professional sport and health products and services. As one of the enterprises that first launch brand swimwear in China, Hosa now operates two major brands: Hosa and Water Cube. Hosa is also one of the enterprises that first introduce the chain operation mode into fitness clubs, operating three brands and over 150 fitness clubs in about 20 cities in China and attracting about a million of club members cumulatively. Over the years, Hosa won Forbes China’s Potential Enterprises and China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands by its strict standards on quality and outstanding performance; Hosa International, engaged in sportswear segment, was listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011. 

Now, Hosa is actively building the sport and health ecosystem by aligning its strategy with technology advancement and change of consumption habits. It is now working on the application of mobile internet and big data, sticks to the core strategy of “Great Fitness”, offers professional sport and health products and services, consolidates resources with the concept of Internet Plus, and targets such segments as smart and wearable gadgets, gyms, sportswear and sport gears and balanced diet. In the future, Hosa will promote the new retail business and build a smart fitness club with the new retail concept, thereby improving consumer experience. To meet different demands, Hosa will further develop its health products and services and nurture new business growth engines. It will actively participate in sport events and seek sponsorship and cooperation in sport and health activities, so as to improve its reputation and influence. In addition, it will further develop professional channels and group-buying channels to expand the coverage of products. With the transformation of operating mode and the influence in the market, Hosa strives to realize a deep connection between consumers, sporting scenarios, products and the service providers, to offer a new mode with industry intelligence, chain management and internet-based design, therefore responding to and taking a leading role in the trading up of the sport and health market, and making contribution to the construction of healthy China.

With the recognition by the society, the industry and consumers, Hosa will uphold the “craftsman’s spirit”, strengthen and strictly manage the quality, improve the service system and build a high-quality service team, so as to offer more added value to consumers and bring the lifestyle of “Enjoy Sports·Enjoy Healthy Life” (“享運動•悅健康”) to more people.

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