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31 Jan 2018

On 31 January, the National Final of the Sixth Glamorous International Flight Attendants Election was held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. 70 undergraduates and social personnel with flight attendant professions or relevant professions attended the extravaganza. After several rounds of competitions, finally, candidate no. 45, Li Qingyu, from Henan Institute of Economics and Trade, won the champion of the women’s group, while candidate no. 80, Wang Mengke, from Zhengzhou Institute of Industry and Business won the champion of the men’s group.

The Glamorous International Flight Attendants Election aims to help undergraduates and youth in the society solve employment problems, at the same time, promote civil aviation and national enhancement strategy from the industry culture based on the promotion of Chinese image and etiquette, and create a brand new selection mode for flight attendant talents. The event also aims to raise awareness and support of the aviation industry, letting more people understand and participate into the aviation industry to realize a bright future for the aviation industry in the PRC.浩沙集團作爲本次比賽的“唯一傳播中華禮儀的同時,更爲助推民航强國貢獻了一份力量。
Hosa, being “the exclusive swimsuit” brand in the competition, provided full support to the clothing throughout the competition, and promotes Chinese culture and etiquette, contributing to civil aviation and national enhancement.

During the competition yesterday, flight attendants with uniform showed their spirit, energy, individuality as well as occupational skills through different sessions, such as talent shows, aviation uniform show, Han clothing show, swimsuit show and dinner suit show.

Let’s take a look of the show!

Swimsuit Show

(Source: China News Service)

Dinner Suit Show

Aviation Uniform Show

Champions of Flight Attendants Receiving Awards

(Source: China News Service)

Source: part of the contents are from Chinanews


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