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25 Jan 2018

Exciting! Brilliant Day 1 on “Hosa Cup” National Spring Swimming Championships 2018


Introduction: “Hosa Cup” National Spring Swimming Championships 2018 kicked off on 19 January, with participates led by swimming stars Fu Yuanhui and Wang Shun vying for their honor.


On 19 January, the opening ceremony of “Hosa Cup” National Spring Swimming Championships 2018 was unveiled at the Southern Court (Huangshan, Anhui Province), the natatorium of Huangshan Sports Center.


Deputy Mayor of Huangshan People’s Government Cheng Hong declared opening of the event

Vice Chairman of Anhui Provincial Administration for Athletic Sports and Swimming Tao Dalang

hosted the opening ceremony

Representative of Hosa Group delivered a speech


Athletes from different provinces had fierce competition in today’s preliminaries. Many members of 11 teams sponsored by Hosa stood out and made themselves finalists!


Hosa finalists are listed as below:


Women’s 200m Freestyle

Tang Yuting (Guandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Chen Ruohan (Water Cube) (Northern Court)

Lao Lihui (Guandong Hosa) (Northern Court)


Men’s 200m Freestyle

Si Zhengzhong (Water Cube) (Northern Court)

Cheng Long (Shandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Liu Shaofeng (Shandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Chen Chaoqi (Shanghai Hosa) (Southern Court)

Wang Xiaochuan (Guandong Hosa) (Southern Court)


Women’s 100m Breaststroke

Xue Jingtong (Liaoning Hosa) (Northern Court)

Sun Qian (Shandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Song Jiabao (Shandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Zhang Zhenqi (Liaoning Hosa) (Northern Court)

Li Qiushi (Liaoning Hosa) (Northern Court)

Zhang Fangwei (Guandong Hosa) (Southern Court)

Chen Hao (Hubei Hosa) (Southern Court)

Bo Wanjia (Shanghai Hosa) (Southern Court)

Guo Jia (Guandong Hosa) (Southern Court)


Men’s 100m Breaststroke

He Zilong (Guandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Yu Ruihan (Shandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Liu Shuge (Liaoning Hosa) (Northern Court)

Liu Weixiang (Shandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Xu Yunshu (Liaoning Hosa) (Northern Court)

Sun Chenwei (Guandong Hosa) (Southern Court)

Xu Zhejia (Guandong Hosa) (Southern Court)

Zheng Yinghao (Shanghai Hosa) (Southern Court)

Shi Jiajia (Shanghai Hosa) (Southern Court)


Women’s 100m Butterfly

Liu Jing (Water Cube) (Northern Court)

Yu Liyan (Guandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Wan Siqi (Water Cube) (Northern Court)

Wang Yiwen (Liaoning Hosa) (Northern Court)

Liu Chang (Water Cube) (Northern Court)

Chen Yuhe (Shandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Zhang Yiran (Guandong Hosa) (Southern Court)

Chen Haoxin (Guandong Hosa) (Southern Court)

Lu Kaiyue (Guandong Hosa) (Southern Court)

Zhang Bingjie (Hubei Hosa) (Southern Court)

Zheng Yao (Shanghai Hosa) (Southern Court)


Men’s 100m Butterfly

Si Zhengzhong (Water Cube) (Northern Court)

Xu Dongyang (Liaoning Hosa) (Northern Court)

Fan Sixiang (Water Cube) (Northern Court)

Cui Junming (Liaoning Hosa) (Northern Court)

Lin Tao (Guandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Lin Jiapeng (Guandong Hosa) (Southern Court)

Wang Xiaochuan (Guandong Hosa) (Southern Court)


Women’s 400m Individual Medley

Li Tianyao (Shaanxi Hosa) (Northern Court)

Lei Lei (Water Cube) (Northern Court)

Ge Chutong (Shandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Lu Yanqi (Shandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Du Xuan (Shandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Wang Xinya (Guangdong Hosa) (Southern Court)

Zhou Min (Shanghai Hosa) (Southern Court)


Men’s 400m Individual Medley

Zhou Yu (Water Cube) (Northern Court)

Xu Fang (Shandong Hosa) (Northern Court)

Deng Ziqi (Guangdong Hosa) (Southern Court)

Wang Yutian (Hubei Hosa) (Southern Court)

Wang Kecheng (Hunan Hosa) (Southern Court)

Huang Zhiwei (Hunan Hosa) (Southern Court)

Huang Hongyi (Guangdong Hosa) (Southern Court)


First finals are set to kick off exactly at 18:00 today, and all finalists are well prepared for the championship. Definitely, this will be a great and wonderful game!


Fu Yuanhui is like a fish in the water

Champion of Women’s 400m Medley - Wang Xinya (Guangdong Hosa)

Champion of Men’s 400m Medley – Deng Ziqi (Guangdong Hosa)

 View of the Court


Jump into the water

Fierce competition in the water


Rivalry between each other


Crew in Hosa sponsored garment


Here come the results of battles among each Hosa team!




Women’s 200m Freestyle

 (Northern Court) Tang Yuting (Guangdong Hosa) – 1′59″29

Gold medalist


Men’s 200m Freestyle

 (Northern Court) Si Zhengzhong (Water Cube) - 1′49″82

Silver medalist

 (Northern Court) Liu Shaofeng (Shandong Hosa) - 1′50″45

Bronze medalist


Women’s 100m Breaststroke

 (Northern Court) Xue Jingtong (Liaoning Hosa) - 1′01″82

Bronze medalist

 (Southern Court) Zhang Fangwei (Guangdong Hosa) - 1′11″11

Bronze medalist


Men’s 100m Breaststroke

 (Northern Court) He Zilong (Guangdong Hosa) - 1′02″02

Gold medalist

 (Southern Court) Sun Chenwei (Guangdong Hosa) - 1′03″16

Silver medalist

 (Northern Court) Sun Weixiang (Shandong Hosa) - 1′03″22

Bronze medalist



Women’s 100m Butterfly

 (Northern Court) Liu Jing (Water Cube) - 1′00″66

Gold medalist

 (Northern Court) Yu Liyan (Guangdong Hosa) - 1′01″76

Silver medalist

 (Southern Court) Zhang Yiran (Guangdong Hosa) - 1′00″03

Silver medalist



Men’s 100m Butterfly

 (Northern Court) Si Zhengzhong (Water Cube) - 00′55″04

Gold medalist

 (Northern Court) Cui Junming (Liaoning Hosa) - 00′55″65

Bronze medalist


Women’s 400m Medley

(Southern Court) Wang Xinya (Guangdong Hosa) - 4′44″97

Gold medalist

 (Southern Court) Zhou Min (Shanghai Hosa) - 4′47″12

Silver medalist

 (Northern Court) Lei Lei (Water Cube) - 4′53″93

Silver medalist

 (Northern Court) Ge Chutong (Shandong Hosa) - 4′54″98

Bronze medalist


Men’s 400m Individual Medley

 (Southern Court) Deng Ziqi (Guangdong Hosa) - 4′21″65

Gold medalist

 (Southern Court) Wang Yutian (Hubei Hosa) - 4′25″14

Silver medalist

 (Southern Court) Wang Kecheng (Hunan Hosa) - 4′28″47

Bronze medalist


Attention: The champion of National Games Liu Xiang will make her presence on tomorrow’s game! We will update you the latest news. Please follow us closely on Hosa WeChat and weibo!


(Special thanks go to Xin’ao Sports (新奥体育) for providing us with some of pictures)


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