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20 Dec 2017

2017 National Youth Swimming Regional Competition, hosted by Swimming Sport Management Center of General Administration of Sport and sponsored by Hosa, was successfully concluded in the Swimming Complex of Swimming Training Centre in Yantai City on 20 December.

After 3-day fierce competition, Team Yantai performed magnificently with 26 gold, 25 silver and 20 bronze medals, standing at the top in medal list. Team Jinan came to the second place with 20 gold, 16 silver and 9 bronze medals, while Team Zibo ranked in the third place with 12 gold, 16 silver and 15 bronze medals. Members from Team Yantai, including Yu Ruihan, Leng Jiahui, Dong Yanchen, Lu Qingzhao, Ge Chutong and Dou Xuan, won 2 gold medals.

Throughout the games, athletes gave all of their best efforts while the referees and staff members showed their prudence and stringency in all aspects, such as checking and attendance and matches, to ensure the games going with high success.

Tong Yongjian, the deputy director of the Swimming Training Centre in Yantai City concluded the performances of all of the swimmers from Yantai, that the team performed properly, though most of them made their debut nationwide competition. They showed a strong morale and fought with valiant courage for the pursuit of triumphs, while giving their full potential from pre-training. He hopes that all swimmers could learn from the strengths and weaknesses through this competition and quickly set their sights on the 24th Provincial Games next year.

~More match highlights~

A glance of swimmers into the water

Swimmers are fighting in the water

Referees are making strict judging

A glance of swimmers dashing the line

(Some photos are from the Swimming Training Centre in Yantai City)

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