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12 Nov 2017

On 12 November, Xiong Wen, Guinness World Records Certification Officer has officially announced that “the maximum number of people doing aerobics with video together” in Datian County of Fujian Province successfully broke a new Guinness Record. This challenge has been treated as the significant session in the opening ceremony of “Hosa Cup” 2017 National Aerobics Championship, with valid number of 4814 people successfully breaking the previous Guinness Record which had 3784 people doing aerobics with video together in Guangzhou City of Guangdong Province. As the organizer and title sponsor, Hosa Group has witnessed this historic moment.

5000 people gathered for the challenge of breaking Guinness Records in Datian County Cultural and Sports Center

“Hosa Cup” 2017 National Aerobics Championship was hosted by Gymnastics Management Center of General Administration of Sport of the State, China Aerobics Association, co-organized by Municipal Government of Datian County and Hosa Group, and title sponsored by Hosa Group. This was another national sports event with the corporation with Datian County Government following “Hosa Cup” 2014 National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, “Hosa Cup” 2015 National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship and “Hosa Cup” 2016 National Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix. During the opening ceremony, Shi Hongyan, the Chairman of Hosa Group has made a speech on behalf of Hosa Group, who stated that the success of various large-scale activities in Datian for the recent years has benefited from the County Party Committee of Datian and County Government which are both enthusiastic of sport development for many years, and their organization’s capability and good venue condition. These coincide with the core brand value of ““Fit for you - Enjoy sports and live healthily” that Hosa promotes all the time, which is also Hosa’s impetus to keep pursuing innovation and making progress.

Officials of Guinness presented the certificate to Shi Hongyan, representative of Hosa Group, the organizer

In addition, Shi Hongyan also revealed, “As an official partner of FINA, FIVB and China Aerobics Association, Hosa strives to promote a scientific and healthy lifestyle, to provide all-rounded sports health service systems to customers and build up a comprehensive eco-system of sport health. We wish that a scientific and healthy lifestyle in a trendy and happy way would become our main theme in our life.

Shi Hongyan, Chairman of Hosa Group, lifted up Guinness World Records certificate


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