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06 Nov 2017

“Fit for You – Enjoy Sports and Live Healthily” Hosa Experience Press Conference and Hosa Costumes for New Spring-Summer Series 2018 launched a grand opening in Hosa Fitness Flagship Store in Huidong, where fully embodied the brand spirits of internationalization, rejuvenation, lifestyle-orientation, healthiness, sportiness, professionalization and intelligence. Moreover, a healthy lifestyle that Hosa has been consistently promoting in fitness costume industry has further extended a “new fitness” corporate composition of pan-sport sphere.

During the event, a new and sharp logo of Hosa in light blue color and the new branding strategy of “Fit for you - Enjoy sports and live healthily” have fully given expression of Hosa’s bursting efforts in expressing and promoting a lifestyle of happiness and healthiness, which help billions of consumers to delight in the processes of doing sports and having a healthy lifestyle.

Mr. Shi Hongliu, the chairman of Hosa, indicated, during his remarks, that Hosa brand has always maintained a philosophy of “developing values for society and creating happiness for people” through deep ploughing and careful management since its incorporation in 1990. Even to this day, Hosa has become a large sports and health company group with the combination of fabric production, costume design, processing and sales, foreign trade and fitness services, as well as the only well-known brand which takes the leading market role in both sportswear and fitness services in China.

When it comes to the policies of the national sport industry and health industry, as well as the enthusiasm for physical exercises in the society and higher purchasing power, Mr. Shi insisted that Hosa has taken the pioneer role to put forward the strategy of building an industrial ecosphere for sports and fitness, and achieve a great-step advancement from branding strategy to branding culture, images and products on the basis of general orientation and overall assessments.

With a new market niche of our three brands, namely Hosa Fitness, Nobleman Training Club and Surmount Fitness Club, Hosa has been striving to achieve our strategic plan of “Hundred Cities, Thousand Shops” within 5 years by means of direct operation, franchise, and mergers and acquisitions. In addition, improvement works in stores and gymnastic apparatus will be underway in Hosa Fitness Club by stages, and sports and fitness APP, intelligence IOT system and SAAS Cloud platform for fitness management system which are self-developed will be introduced to achieve an increasingly delivery over the Internet and high level of intelligence while enhancing the operating efficiency and customers’ experience.

Hosa Catwalk for New Spring-Summer Series 2018 demonstrated by 20 models at home and abroad reached a climax in the press conference. All sportswear series are designed by Chinese and international well-known design teams and inspired by the prosperity and essence of vitality in seasons of spring and summer. All costumes are made with sport fabrics with high functionality and designed with cutting closely along the international trend, which integrated a sense of fashionable design into products with more fair segmentation that they perfectly marry the elements of professionality, technicality and fashion.

Dai Yicheng, the general manager of the franchise department of Hosa Fitness revealed, during the interview with the media, that Hosa Costumes for New Spring-Summer Series 2018 were designed by Chinese and international well-known design teams, of which products are trended to be more juvenile, fashionable and professional. The newly-opened and existing stores in offline stream will be refurbished with fitness experience sceneries to lead consumers by professional and fascinating fitness experience. Retail stores are to be set up in chained clubs of Hosa Fitness, in order to expand the marketing approach in fitness stores. Meanwhile, with the help of Hosa’s sport and fitness APP to provide professional fitness marketing and services, Hosa strives to achieve a mutual transformation of fitness membership and sportswear customers and unveil a new sportswear retail era for Hosa featuring with fitness experience by providing online services, including fitness video courses, fitness guide and costume purchase guideline, and social networking.

As noted, the fitness wears teamed up with HPE (human performing engineering), a high-end costume brand in the UK, were also displayed in Hosa’s sportswear exhibition. Ms. Zheng Qinxiang, the director of HPE in China region, presented that HPE products feature with 6 key techniques, i.e. anti-bacteria, breathable materials, supporting intensive activities, volumetric clipping, quick-drying and moisture management. All costumes are well-fitted for athletes and fashion-lovers in sports occasions and daily life, which bring technologies into design. Nicholas Harris, the founder of HPE brand, is a scientist who served as F1 specialist majoring in physiology. He has introduced a cooling function exclusively for body cooling into all fabrics in HPE with the inspiration of the design in F1 engine and brake cooling system. In future, HPE will closely cooperate with Hosa regarding a range of sectors, such as costumes, fitness and channels.

As a well-known sportswear leader in China, Hosa Group frequently takes the sponsorship for FINA International Swimming Competition and various swimming events at all levels at home in recent years. Wang Xiaowen, the general manager of Hosa Costume, revealed that the new series of Hosa in 2018are mainly segmented in 3 areas, which are water sports, fitness and yoga. For water sports, “HOSA” and “Water Cube”, two sportswear brands, are the leading ones of water sportswear in domestic and international events. The number of Chinese female participating in yoga sports has shown an increasing trend, which becomes the core growth in the upcoming 3 to 5 years. As such, elements of international brands are accommodated in addition to domestic well-known designs as a new yoga collection is also introduced this time.


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