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03 Aug 2017

Strategic Investment on Surmount-Nobleman to Accelerate Hosa Fitness’s “Hundred Cities, Thousand Shops” Plan

On 3 August 2017, Mr. Shi Hongliu, Chairman of Hosa Group, announced in Beijing that Hosa has completed the strategic investment on Surmount-Nobleman. The two well-known brands, namely Surmount Fitness Club and Nobleman Training Club, will be jointly developed as a sub-brand of Hosa Fitness. The two parties (Hosa Fitness and Surmount-Nobleman) will jointly establish the Beijing Hao Yue Fitness Management Co., Ltd which is responsible for the national expansion and operational management of Surmount Fitness Club and Nobleman Training Club and providing Chinese consumers with high-quality professional fitness services.

The two parties signed an agreement to reach cooperation

Mr. Shi Hongliu, Chairman of Hosa Group and Mr. Cheng Chuan, founder of Surmount-Nobleman, delivered a speech respectively. Professor He Wenyi, Director of Sports Industry Research Center, Peking University, Mr. Liu Shun, Editor-in-chief of FitnessandBeauty, and Mr. Xia Rongpeng, Executive Director of Active Lifestyle, participated in the 2017 Hosa New Fitness Forum as industrial leaders to discuss the practical value and long-term significance of Hosa Fitness’s strategic investment on Surmount-Nobleman.

Multi-brand Strategic Layout to Accelerate the “Hundred Cities, Thousand Shops” Plan

In 1999, Hosa Fitness took the lead to introduce the international chain fitness management model and established the first fitness club in Beijing. So fat, Hosa Fitness is operating about 100 direct chain gymnasiums in Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Xiamen and Jinjiang successively.

Surmount-Nobleman has 12 years of development history. There are nearly 50 fitness clubs under the brands Surmount Fitness Club and Nobleman Training Club in Xi’an, Chongqing, Nanning, Kunming, Hebei and other places. These fitness clubs have gained a leading position in their operating regions, forming good regional complementarity with Hosa Fitness. The purpose for Hosa Fitness to invest on Surmount-Nobleman is to establish a multi-brand strategic layout though the joint development of the two brands, so as to enter more tier-1 and tier-2 cities and expand their industrial leading edge in the industry.

Mr. Shi Hongliu, Chairman of Hosa Group

For the cooperation with Surmount-Nobelman, Mr. Shi Hongliu, Chairman of Hosa Group, said that with nearly 20 years of development history, Hosa Fitness is operating about 100 direct Hosa Fitness Club in 8 cities, with a leading position in the industry. In recent years, Hosa Group has established a large number of investment layouts around the industrial chain and completed the initial construction of the Group’s athletic health ecosystem. In this year, Hosa Fitness has developed a strategic plan for the next 10 years and established the “New Fitness” strategies and “Hundred Cities, Thousand Shops” target of Hosa Fitness. The Group will strive to achieve the strategic target by the 3 modes of direct sales, franchise and investment. The strategic investment on Surmount-Nobleman is an important move for Hosa Fitness to achieve the “Hundred Cities, Thousand Shops” plan by investment. Based on the recognition of the business philosophy and profitability of the team led by Mr. Cheng Chuan, investment on Surmount-Nobelman is the first choice of Hosa Fitness.

Win-win Cooperation to Create Quality Membership Services

After the cooperation between the two parties, Surmount-Nobleman will open more than 10 intelligent digital fitness clubs in major cities to expand the market share in local markets and better serve local customers.

Mr. Cheng Chuan, founder of Surmount-Nobleman

Talking about what opportunities put together Surmount-Nobleman and Hosa Fitness, Mr. Cheng Chuan said, “I have a unique emotional attachment to Hosa Fitness. Since the establishment of the first Hosa Fitness Club in Beijing in 1999, I have been participated in and witnessed the whole process from preparation to shop opening. I can be considered as one of the contributors. The selection of Hosa Fitness is based on understanding, trust and a feeling. This is kind of a reunification for me. I believe that the business philosophy, brand strength and industrial resources of Hosa Fitness after its 20 years of operation will contribute to a new leapfrog of Surmount Fitness Club and Nobleman Training Club, so as to better serve our members.”

A group photo

The win-win cooperation between Hosa Fitness and Surmount-Nobleman will change the existing market pattern of the fitness industry, consolidate Hosa Fitness’s leading industrial position and mark the official start of industry consolidation. On the one hand, the injection of huge capitals by Hosa Fitness will help the two parties to integrate their own resources, jointly develop business and lead industrial developments. On the other hand, the two parties will combine their many years of gymnasium operation experience and improve members’ fitness experience through an intelligent, digital and entertaining fitness environment, happy fitness atmosphere and scientific fitness services, so as to provide national customers with the athletic health lifestyle promoted by Hosa Group.

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